Artemio Reyes: Sky’s The Limit!

Welterweight Artemio “King” Reyes has made some big changes to his team but the goals remain the same, stay busy and keep winning! Now under the guidance of trainer Joel Diaz and the team at the Indio Boys and Girls Club, the Colton fighter says “Sky’s The Limit”…

Standnfight’s Dominic Serna caught up with Reyes for an update.

DS: You’ve come down here to the Indio Boys and Girls Club to work with Joel Diaz, tell me a little bit about the experience.

Reyes: It’s been a good experience so far, working with Joel. He has a lot of experience as a trainer and has a great team around him. He pushes you hard and the thing I like is he has the strength and conditioning incorperated into the boxing. Right after you’re done boxing you go to the strength and conditioning.

DS: How is that compared to your usual routine?

Reyes: Well usually I would train in the mornings, 5 A.M. and have all day to rest but out here it’s different. As soon as you’re done with boxing it’s strength and coditioning.

DS: How has the hour drive out, training, drive back and still have to deal with school and homework impacted you?

Reyes: I’m use to it now. The first week was, not really hard but I had to adapt to it. Just because it was an hour drive but I have Shade45 on sattelite radio so it keeps me entertained.

DS: You just got a new manager, tell me about that.

Reyes: Cameron Dunkin. I’ve had two fights with him so far. I just recently signed with him, I think it’s a 4 year deal and I’m looking forward to working with him. I know he has good pull as far as taking his fighters to a world level and that’s what we want. Following in the footsteps of Timothy Bradley.

DS: How do you see 2014 playing out with all the changes to the team?

Reyes: Sky’s the limit! I wanted to fight in February but that didn’t play out. Usually I would fight in Febuary, The Thompson Boxing’s Febuary show but I think they’re trying to get me out of the Double Tree. Which is fine but if they can’t find me a fight, i’d rather stay there and stay active.

DS: Are there any names being thrown out there?

Reyes: They did offer us Kendall Holt but it was just too short of a notice. It was 3 weeks and we can’t take a fight in 3 weeks. I want to be fully prepared for whoever it is. That way I’m not giving him any advantages, just because I had a short training camp.

DS: Any words to your friends, fans and family?

Reyes: Everybody tune in, we’re looking forward to a great year and hopefully get some good fights and with the new team you’re going to see a well developed fighter, every time I step out.


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