Dominic Serna, Joel Diaz, Maricela Cornejo, Ref Raul Caiz Jr and Antonio Diaz | Photo: Lina Baker

Maricela Cornejo Earns 9th Win.

You hate him during training but you love him afterwards.

On Sunday Super Middleweight Maricela “La Diva” Cornejo (7-2, 2 KOs) earned her 9th win with a unanimous decision over previously undefeated Sydney LeBlanc (4-1) at the Nova at L.A Live in Los Angeles. The victory is the first under the guidance of trainer Joel Diaz.

Standnfight’s Dominic Serna caught up with Cornejo after her win.


DS: This was your first fight with Joel  Diaz at the Joel Diaz training Camp, tell me a little bit about the fight.

Cornejo: We got the win and I was ready to go 10 rounds. I felt really good, I felt in control and everything happened so quick that I didn’t have time to think for myself . Everything Joel was telling me from the corner, I was just acting on it and that’s how training has been. It’s been tough. The way the fight was, felt like a sparring session because that’s how tough it’s been.

DS: Tell me a little about his training methods.

Cornejo: You hate him during training but you love him afterwards. I finished the fight and I wasn’t even tired and I was very active in there. The training was way harder than the actual fight.

DS: Tell me something that changed in this fight compared to the previous fights.

Cornejo: I didn’t question myself. I believed in everything that Joel has taught me in the gym and I didn’t question anything.

DS: Training in Indio, was it a good move?

Cornejo: It’s the best decision that Nancy (Rodriguez) has told me. She told me, we need to make a change, the fights are going to get tougher. You need the support and Joel Diaz is the one, let’s see if he’ll take you.

DS: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

Cornejo: Thanks for all the support and there is more to come.



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