“Mayweather Pacquiao, the biggest fight in Boxing History!”

On Wednesday, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao met at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles to officially announce their May 2nd welterweight clash at the MGM Grand in Los Vegas.

They called it the biggest fight in boxing history.. and it somewhat felt like it. Both fighters and teams walked a movie premier-esque red carpet past a swarm of reporters from ESPN to Access Hollywood. The two finally made their way to the Nokia stage well past the scheduled 1:30 start time.

After fielding hundreds of question before stepping to the podium, neither had much to say.

“This is the fight you have been waiting for since five years ago and It’s on.” Said Pacquiao who before hand gave an interview to ESPN that was broadcast live on Sports Center

“I was more worried in my last fights with De La Hoya, cotto and Margarito than this fight because he’s good at defense but he isn’t throwing many punches. I believe the more he throws punches the better it is for me to land punches.” Manny told the sports network “I will not fight in his style, he’ll have to fight my style. It’s easy to say you can beat Mayweather but to execute in the ring isn’t that easy. You have to have fast footwork, handspeed and head movement.”

“Both of us need this. It’s unfair for him to say that it’s just me. It’s both of us.”

Trainer Freddy Roach gave his prediction for May 2nd, stating “We are in the toughest fight of our life. We’re fighting the best fighter in the world and we’re going to kick his ass. I’m sorry, good luck Floyd”

Floyd didn’t directly respond to Roach but gave us a glimps of just how important this fight is.

“I’m in the gym working right now. Pushing myself to the limit because I never wanted to win a fight this bad in my life. said Mayweather “It’s all about the best fighting the best and everything is about timing. I think we couldn’t choose a better time. Our game plan is to be smart and take one fight at a time like all 47 fights. This is a fight that the world can’t miss. This is an unbelievable match up.”

“Mayweather Pacquiao; the biggest fight in Boxing history.”


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