Oscar Valdez stops Samuel Sanchez inside 3!

Today in San Antonio TX, on the undercard of Chavez vs. Vera 2, featherweight prospect Oscar Valdez (9-0, 8 KOs) stopped Samuel Sanchez (6-5, 1 KO) inside three rounds to remain unbeaten in his ninth fight.

Valdez, 23 was dominating the action when a left hook found it’s mark and had Sanchez hurt and on shaky legs. The referee had seen enough and the stunning left hook was all he needed to pull the plug. Sanchez never went down but was clearly in trouble and definitely outclassed. Official time was 2:03.

“The fighter was upset at the early stoppage but I was going to end up catching him.” said Valdez

Valdez vs. Sanchez was streamed live via TopRank.com.


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