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Daniel Ponce de Leon

Daniel Ponce De Leon Celebrating after Broner fight -Photos By: Art Gallegos Jr./

WBO Super Featherweight Champion, Adrien Broner, has the boxing world buzzing after his knockout win over Eloy Perez on HBO. But there was one fighter who wasn’t so impressed.

“A lot of people think I beat Broner when we fought last year,” stated former world champion Daniel Ponce De Leon. “I fought him in his own weight division and he still couldn’t do anything to me.”

Broner and De Leon faced off on March fifth of 2011 with Broner getting a one point advantage on two of the judge’s scorecards.

“You need to have punching power to make Broner respect you,” he added. “I’d like to face him again in the near future. Right now I’m focused on winning the featherweight title.”

De Leon is currently making his case for a fight against W.B.C. featherweight champion Jhonny Gonzalez. He’s coming off a sixth round knockout over Omar Estrella.

“Ponce De Leon Vs. Jhonny Gonzalez would be fight of the year material. There’s no doubt in my mind,” said De Leon’s manager Frank Espinoza Sr.  “They have eighty knockouts between them. It’s the kind of match up that makes boxing fans out of every day sports fans. We’re looking to make it happen before the end of the year.”

De Leon vs Broner action Shots

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