The Mosley vs. Mayorga Circus Continues!

Now a fighter coming in a pound or two over weight the day before his fight is nothing new to boxing and well it has kind of become a regular occurrence but when a fighter comes in 7.4 pounds over, it’s safe to say he didn’t even attempt to make the weight.

According to reports, Ricardo Mayorga (165.4 lbs.) weighed in 7.4 pounds over the contracted weight of 158 pounds for his rematch this Saturday with Shane Mosley (159.4 lbs.). Mayorga reportedly forfeited a $50,000 bonus by missing weight.

The fight however will go on as a 166 pound contest and the two will meet later today at Venice Beach for a mock weigh in for fans.

Presented by GoBox Promotions, The “Grudge Match: Mosley vs. Mayorga” will be distributed by Integrated Sports Pay-Per-View  live from The Forum in Inglewood Ca.



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