Jonathan Romero and Alejandro Lopez face off for the IBF Super Bantamweight Title




The countdown begins. In just five days

Colombian Super Bantamweight Jonathan Romero (22-0, 12 KOs) will look to solidify his position in the world of boxing by taking on Mexico’s Alejandro Lopez (24-2, 7 KOs) in a 12 round war for the IBF Super Bantamweight title.

The action is set to go down at the Auditorio Municpal located in Tijuana, Mexico and will be televised on UniMas’s Solo Boxeo (Formerly Telefutura) at 11:30pm ET/PT.

Thompson Boxing Promotions caught up with Romero to discuss his upcoming challenge.

1. What do you know about your Alejandro Lopez?

I know that Alejandro Lopez is a guy that likes to move a lot in the ring. He shifts a lot and relies more on his boxing ability.

2. What have you been doing to make sure that you are prepared for your upcoming battle?

I have worked in Colombia and for the last five weeks in Los Angeles and I have gotten the appropriate sparring. I can adapt better to my opponent. I’m physically in top condition and I’m excited about the possibility of becoming a world champion because Colombia currently doesn’t have one.

3. Beyond preparing and training in your usual routine, is there anything else that you have done to prepare yourself for this particular match up?

This is world title fight and I have prepared properly physically and mentally. I have to take it to him not only because of his style but also for the fact that he is fighting in his own town. I have not only worked on my attributes inside the ring but also my head game to make sure that I can get the results that I want.

4. Are you familiar with his fighting style? Have you seen him fight before?

I have seen video footage of him and I know what he can do.   I know what he is capable of but based on my experience inside the ring it is a completely different story. I am not concerned about what he does but more so about what I will do to get that championship title.

5. What if any weaknesses did you see in Lopez in the video footage you watched?

His main weakness is that he is fighting me, “Momo” Romero. A lot of the guys that I have fought have never seen experienced anyone like me and he will feel the same way that night.

6. What would you consider your strengths in the ring?

I am known for my movement and my ring generalship. Take my word for it. I am going to take it to him. I have been given the opportunity to fight for a world title and my mission is to do what ever it takes to get it.

7. When was your last training session?

My last sparring session was this past Saturday. I finished up strong. Now it’s just a matter of waiting and keeping active until the bell sounds.

8. Final thoughts?

I’m ready for this.  Colombia is ready for this. My team has prepared me. I just have to seize the moment.