Pacquiao Rios camps clash in Macao!

Tempers flared on Wednesday morning in Macao China when team Pacquiao and team Rios clashed during an “accidental” overlap in gym time. The mix-up was apparently due to a live interview that cut into Rios’ gym time, causing his workout to spill over into Manny Pacquioa’s time in the gym, a facility that the two share during the media workout.

Annoyed by the fact that Trainer Robert Garcia and Team Rios had not yet left, Trainer Freddie Roach interrupted an on-camera interview with a Filipino reported and told Garcia they needed to leave. Garcia replied and told the Hall-of-fame trainer that they were promised an extra 30 min. due to the media obligations.

Things quickly escalated when Roach argued back and called Garcia a “piece of sh!t”

**This is where the footage, provided by Top Rank/HBO picks up**

Former strength and conditioning trainer for Pacquiao – Alex Ariza – now working for the other side only fueled the flames when he began to antagonize Roach by making fun of his Parkinson’s disease.

Roach then attempted to get to Ariza and was kicked. . **Out of frame**

More words were exchanged and the two sides were separated.

Alternate angle of full altercation:


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